Love Letters

What our customers say of us

Lourdes & Jose Luis

It was such a good decision to bring on board someone like you Donna, with your knowledge of the sector, your experience and your unquestionable professionalism.  The sensations and experiences that we lived through on the day of our wedding were unique.  We felt plethoric, calm, happy and so excited to enjoy everything…we didn’t want to miss a single detail… and all without a worry in the world.  With you by our side, nothing could go wrong!

John & Linda

Thank you for your patience, for your understanding and caring, for taking on board everything we needed and asked for.  We knew that contracting a wedding planner would be an advantage but the truth is it is so much more than that.  You guaranteed that our wedding was a success, your were our body guard at every moment… I felt as though I was in a cloud of happiness that I never wanted to leave.  Thank you for your empathy and the charisma that makes you unique.

Brenda & Javier

Donna, thank you for having helped so much on our wedding day, everything was spectacular and the truth is that everyone was enchanted by the originality, colors and decoration of the site. While at first we question whether to include or not a wedding planner in wedding, must say that luckily we decided to hire you. Because we have with your help, we live each moment with total freedom and always knowing that we were in good hands. From the first moment we connect and you know perfectly capture everything we wanted (and that wasn’t easy!).

It was a pleasure working with you and I will not hesitate to recommend you in the future since have helped us a lot so everything came out incredible.

Again, thank you for having been part of such a special day for us

Jesus & John

Donna we don’t have words to express the emotion, intensity, professionalism… Every was like a charm, guests have come out with their mouths open, one of them told me that he was gone to heaven as soon as he saw the place and decoration…
I would recommend you million times.
All loved us and our guests, is the best investment we have made for our wedding… Recommended 100%, the guests have come more in love, I promise.
Thank you for make of our wedding a dream! You’re an excellent professional, excellent organizer, now you are a part of our hearts. You are the best…

Inma & Mario

Donna is as a fairy godmother that knows how to make true every wish. I have seen it solve unexpected with an incredible confidence.
Thank you Donna, we had a better wedding than we could imagined.
You are a great professional and very decisive.
Your good energy and honesty can’t be found easily.
You will be always in our hearts by doing our dream day!
You can watch our videos on Facebook, it’s looks better and so special. Recommended 100%.
Thank you friend. We love you

Marta & Alvaro

The moment that we decided to marry, Alvaro not knew or what was a wedding planner, and now is the day that still is recognizing that the best choice that could do was hire to Donna for us help to organize the wedding of our dreams.
Want to enjoy of your day without worries and savor every detail? No doubt it, hire a wedding planner. It is not a wedding planner either. You can look on the Internet and blogs and there is no other that better bring your personality to every detail. You can not imagine the tranquility to have a person to resolve your doubts, convert your ideas, request budgets, contact with suppliers, be pending of the day of the wedding… you only have to to enjoy your day. That is priceless!
Guests say you again and again “the best wedding I stay”. 100% recommend.

A princess called Mireya

I’m tremendously perfectionist and therefore the communion with my daughter was not going to be less. But I knew that to get everything he wanted, he would need help, and although I never thought that an Event wedding planner could be really effective, I was wrong completely when I met DONNA. Without she nothing would have been equal, professionalism, predisposition, contacts, character, all! Mireya still speaks to me of her fairy godmother. He adores her.
Thousand thanks

Flamingo Birthday Party

One of the best decisions we made to organize the our friend’s birthday was to hire Trinchant & Donna. We didn’t have time to organize the party we wanted, and Donna caught our style and adapted it to perfection. It came out perfect!
The tranquillity that we spent last few weeks before the birthday is priceless, to know that someone with whom have you been preparing the party months and knows your tastes perfectly, it will take care of every detail and that everything goes as you have planned it. I would recommend it a thousand times more. Thank you Donna for your professionalism, involvement and affection.

Jose and Lana

Thanks to Trinchant & Donna, my wedding was a reflection of us, materialized in the most beautiful way. Every detail, every moment, all perfect, and however, fluid, consistent.
A work done with professionalism and passion. I recommend completely their services.
She gave us comfort and safety months before and the day of the wedding, and that is not paid anything. She knows how to set the times before, invitations and troubles. Great coordination and proximity. The budget is depending on what you want to do, but they give you a thousand ideas and infinite options. Certainly, was an honor and a pleasure have their services. Thank you very much.
So I recommend 100%.

Santiago and Laura

Great service, totally recommended. We have had their invaluable assistance in the management of our wedding and it was the best idea that we have, it conformed perfectly to our desires. Totally recommended. The atention, as well as the ideas that gave us were great and the wedding day all came out perfect. Thank you for being part of that special day for us. Not will hesitate in ask you for ideas in future events. Thank you.

Carmen Martínez Bordiú &  Jose Campos

Donna, thank you for everything. For your kindness, your smile… Thanks for all those afternoons of confidences, where you got make me feel your more important bride. The wedding was perfect, you create our own fairy tale. Has been a pleasure that you cross in our road months before that special moment. Without you, that day haven’t been the same. Thanks to you and your superteam for being so professional and perfectionist and transmit that illusion doing things well. Donna we love you and we don’t never forget you.

Juan Carlos & Virginia – Wedding in Cordoba

When we started to plan where and as was to be our wedding, the amount of professional with which have that count, we started to overwhelm, until we meet with Trinchant & Donna, not only facilitated and advised us in all the elections that had to take, they allowed us to providing personal details to which could devote the time that was saving our wedding planner for us. If we had to marry again, would return to work with Donna and her team. Trinchant & Donna was the first and best choice of our wedding, our Wedding Planner.

Natsuki & George

Wedding planner is a great help for any couple who wants to cover every detail  and don’t want to keep track of everything up to the last moment. Donna and their staff of Trinchant & Donna made a great work with us.

Sandra & Jesús

I still remember the day as if were yesterday, every corner of that wonderful place that came to life thanks to you Donna Benito, for your effort, your ideas, your constancy and perseverance, for your professionalism and for every detail… a work full of originality and perfection that only you could do. Thank you for making that day unforgettable. I have no words. Congratulations Dear Donna. 😀

Marta & Angel

I will work with you 10 million times more, thanks to you (you know why) I could have everything I wanted for that day. You behave with me as only my parents would do it and they did. You fought for the best services and they were all there.
We only can give you thanks one and a million of times. You left the soul and that was not in any table…

Fernando & Beatriz

Thank you Donna for doing that all were magic. You take care for every detail and put the heart in all what you made.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for made our dream come true.

Laura & Alberto

Certainly one of the aspects that our guests more remember after the wedding is that all was beautiful! Every detail was care and that I have to say that since we met Dona we understood us perfectly… the lack of time and my obsessive perfectionism led me to find professionals to trust and delegate, of course the decisions taken were successful. When my brand new husband and I arrived at the venue of the banquet, what we feel was magical. Flowers, lighting, photos, all was care with a exquisite taste according to all what we transmitted to Dona along a year of preparations, undoubtedly she knows how capture each idea and give form with their best resources.

Silvia & Sergio

Our experience has been wonderful. Donna gave us absolute confidence to enjoy the time at 100% without worrying about the amount of details resulting from a wedding celebration. Thank you!!! A hug.

Carla & Filipo

Hello!! Many thanks for all! We had enjoy a lot! Everything was wonderful and our guests delighted. Many people has said us that was the best wedding of his life and Filipo and I have a MAGIG remember. Everything went well and I am very grateful for your help!
The ceremony was GREAT! Thank you for everything!

Danny & Cathy

Danny & Cathy

Count with Donna and his team for the our wedding organization was the key for all came out well. We did our renewal vows, we came back to marry in Marbella but we not live there, consequently the theme of distance stooped us a little. Luckily we met Donna and everything were facilities.
She and the staff of Trinchand & Donna immediately understood our likes and ideas and were leading us during the months that last the organization with professionalism and love, something that we value very much. Their ideas and creativity made that all came out even better of what we imagined. We are very grateful of they come with us in a day so important, was a support amazing.
Million of kisses from United Kingdom

Laura & Antonio

Thank you very much for your love, effort and dedication and for making our dream a reality! Here you have two friends ETERNALLY Thank YOU.

Alejandra first communion

Thanks Donna and Eva to do that my sister lived a fairy tale, well she and all our family. I give you my congratulations for your work. Thank you for everything. Greetings from Granada

Laura’s Birthday ‘Minnie Mouse’

From the first moment I fell in love with elegance and freshness of Donna. Hire an Event Planner is often necessary if you want to enjoy that day as we did.
She organized a precious birthday’s celebration for our daughter. One day it became a small Minnie Mouse. The children enjoyed a lot with all the surprises and activities that Trinchant & Donna team organised.
Thank you Donna for be pending of all!!! Greetings from Cantabria

Rock Show Communion

I would say that their work is to realize the event of your dreams, but is much more, when I saw everything was even better! In less than a month Donna helped me to organize a five childern communion. Was incredible the originality and the design!
We had fun a lot!
Thank you for your help and commitment, and especially to do an event so fun.
Greetings from Cantabria

Nina turns 30 ‘Los Oscars’

The last October 17th took place my 30 birthday celebration. An unforgettable party thanks to the good work of the La Fontina restaurant team in collaboration with the Trinchant and Donna events organization. The chosen theme was “The Oscars” and I have to say that you got to make us feel real film stars surrounded by lots of detail and memorable ideas for everyone… from the movie posters, cinema candy bar, seating plan of popcorn, photocall with all cinema accessories and many more details. A pleasure enjoy your services. Thank you Donna

Carmen Martínez-Bordiu, funny bachelorette party

Thank you Eva, for this party that organised for us and for Carmen. In this case she was the big surprise, since it had no idea when she went to the meeting that we had prepared for him in Santander Marina, could not even imagine that that appointment was her bachelorette party.

Daniela’s Birthday

A wonderful work in Daniela’s Birthday, 4 years that she and their friends not forget for sure! His table was a spectacle of color, fun and elegance… like Donna! You are divine!

Halloween Event SunSet

If I’m honest, they have exceeded our expectations and what we could have imagined… the exquisiteness of the presentation, the attention in every detail and, above all, your love for things well done. Thousand thanks.

Chilly Event

It was a privilege to work with Donna, she gave us the security that everything would be under control. Donna knew how to make reality what our company needed. The fashion show in full center of Puerto Banus was a real show. During all the event all was perfect. Thanks Donna and we hope to have you as a director of our next event!