Who we are

Our new professional project TRINCHANT&DONNA WEDDING PLANNERS. was born in June 2010.

A project that fills us at all levels and in which our training allows us to face our work with a different perspective, especially when it comes to take advantage of the spaces and to choose and bet on design and themes, which is essential when it comes to customize a wedding.

We are specialized in wedding organization and private events helping to customers and couples to make reality the wedding that can imagine.

We are professional Wedding Planners: we offer an exclusive service of personalized consulting and management of events to grooms that want to marry in Spain or any other part of the world.

Our professional ethic takes us to adopt the American working model in which become important the transparency, quality and excellence.

We love do life more pleasant to those people that work with us to make a project, the magic that creates between the customer and us, especially the satisfaction feeling of have captured and led to the reality all the needs of the project.

In Trinchant&Donna, our entire team has a passion for creation, production and extraordinary events.
We translate, materialize, and improving the vision of our customers so that the end result is even better than your highest expectations.
We are committed to constantly challenging ourselves and our suppliers to make events unique to our clients and their guests.




Interior Architect and founder of
Trinchand & Donna

Tremendously detailed and creative, demanding and in love with the large and bright spaces of beautiful things, well made, sensations and new experiences.


Methodical and perfectionist. She oversees and manages personally every event that prepares.

The architecture is part of her life and it is one of her great passions.

If you are reading this, “congratulations!, there is a wedding to prepare!”. I am sure that for you is a day with which you have always dreamed of, and you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

For that, Trinchant & Donna will be at your side, sharing with you these previous months of organization and preparations, putting at your disposal our experience in the sector providing the best contacts and products, and above all the best prices.

Our objective is see you enjoying that day so magical.